Cheating Apps Applications to not get caught if you are sleeping

Cheating Apps: Expanding the use of smartphones / mobile devices and social networking has changed data into acquaintances and love relationships, as online dating and dating has become easier and much more socially acceptable. Correspondingly, of course, it has become easier to be scorned, as they are very much who point out that the Internet, in one way or the other, is causing such trends.Cheating Apps

According to a report by Business Insider, a survey of the Victoria Milan dating site reported that 45% of people have either deceived or thought to cheat their partner because they spend a lot of time dealing with the phone.

In addition to this, dating and so on, the App Store and Google Play are packed with applications that claim they can help the user to cheat without being aware of it.
Without this supporting these kinds of trends, we must recognize that it is interesting to see how many such applications exist

Cheating Apps

Vaulty Stocks: It looks like a stock market, but it's actually a special storage space for "separate" photos and videos that do not belong to the "normal" album of the phone. And even more impressive is that if someone does not use the correct PIN, it works "normally" as a stock market application!

Call and Text Eraser (CATE): It does what its name says: opens only by using a password and provides "privacy" by hiding calls and text messages and allowing easy cleaning of the contents.

Ashley Madison: Application of the well-known Ashley Madison website, for relationships that… should be characterized by discretion. There is for iOS and for Android.

TigerText: Erases messages after a period of time specified by the user. Useful if someone is not sure how safe his phone is from "control" by other people.

Snapchat: It has an immense appeal, and that's why it is appropriate as an "innocent / unsuspecting" way to send and take provocative photos.

SlyDial: It allows you to make calls that end up in the voicemail, creating the illusion that you are trying to communicate and you can not.

Invisible Text: Messages you send via it can not be screen-grab. It also allows videos and images that have a "expiration date" to be sent, and there is also the possibility of retrieving messages that have not yet been "opened" by the recipient.

Black SMS: Quite simply, it encrypts messages, converting them to image files that can be "unlocked" only by a secret code.

FlexiSpy: A "other side" application - the user goes to his / her mobile phone to listen to calls, track the location, read the messages and turn the cellphone into a "bunny" (!!!)


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