Google's winter suggestions for virtual walks

If you do not see snowflakes from your window, then look at Google Travel, which does not require flight or travel. You can virtually travel to winter destinations around the world using Google Maps Street View while in the comfort of your own home.

Google, wanting to advertise its Street View service and at the same time harmonize with the festive atmosphere, suggests six places around the world where you can visit online and "enjoy" the snow and winter landscape.

In the midst of quarantine and with restrictions on movement, it may not be a bad idea to take a look at the landscapes of the Earth. Let's look at Google's suggestions:

  1. Visit this street in Finnmark in Norway, and imagine listening to reindeer.


  1. Then a few miles south, in Nuuksio, Finland, you will see perfect snow as well as the Northern Lights if it embraces the sky.


  1. Staying in Eastern Europe, go to a winter wonderland, in Bedrichov, Czech Republic.


  1. When you are ready, head west to France, to the Orcieres, and watch skiers ski down a mountain surrounded by snow-capped peaks.


  1. Now, if you thought things were already cold, wait until see the real South Pole. A trip right to the South Pole of the Earth will show you the various flags from countries that are nailed to the zero point, at the South Pole.


  1. Things get a lot warmer for them the monkeys in Yamanouchi, Japan, having their personal hot tub, in a hot lake fountain, surrounded by snow.

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