Can a boiled egg return to its original state?

Adding some chemicals to a boiled egg makes the proteins inside it free, turning the boiled egg into liquid again.egg egg

Brainiacs can be proud because they know exactly what they need to do to turn one boiled egg in its original state. It looks like a science fiction scenario, but it is perfectly feasible.

All that is needed is the addition of some very special chemicals and the boiled egg will change form.

Researchers from the University of California, USA they explain that whenever an egg boils, the heat makes the proteins inside it get solid.

To undo this process, scientists have developed a method that makes these proteins that have become solid within the boiled eggs to separate. The result;
The boiled hen eggs used by the researchers in their experiments were transformed from solid to liquid.

In addition to the addition of these chemicals, the chemists also used a vortex fluid device to force the egg components to come in their original form.

“Yes, we have invented a way to 'wash' a hen's egg. In our document, we describe a device that separates the tangled proteins by allowing them to reshape, ”said Gregory Weiss, professor of chemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry.

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If one is wondering why scientists might be bothered to develop this method, experts say their innovative method of molecular protein restoration has the potential to transform the world biology industry forever.
It could benefit research into the development of new treatments for cancer, including food production.

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