Use the Mac with your muscles rather than the mouse


We do not see everyday accessories for a Mac that promises to give you super powers and that's what makes the new Thalmic Lab armband. You call MYO, it works with bluetooth and lets you manipulate the Mac by shaking your muscles.

Like Kinect or Leap Motion, MYO translates your body movements and sends the appropriate commands to the computer. But unlike Kinect and Leap Motion, it does not use a camera. Instead, you wear an armband that translates the muscles of the hand and sends the corresponding commands to the computer.

There are many possible uses. For example, you could close iTunes by tightening your fist or you could switch between your open applications by shaking your fingers right and left. You could even shake the target in a first-person shooter game and shoot "pulling" the trigger.


"As a company, we are interested in finding ways in which we can use technology to increase our human potential, in short, to give us superpowers" said co-founder and CEO of Thalmic Lab, Stephen Lake. "We are delighted with how MYO joins the lines between us and technology."

If you are interested in MYO you can pre-order it from here, toward 149 dollars.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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