ChrisPC DNS Switch change DNS with one click

ChrisPC DNS Switch: Ever wondered how your computer and browser connect to a particular Internet server, giving it a readable address like

There is an important link in the connectivity chain between PC / tablet / laptop / smartphone and Internet servers called DNS: Domain Name System.

ChrisPC DNS Switch change DNS with one click

By default, the IP address of the DNS server used by your connection is often set automatically by your computer, which requests this data directly from your ISP.

The ChrisPC DNS Switch makes it very easy to change DNS but also much faster, giving you a number of options, such as selecting DNS from predefined server groups to suit your browsing habits.

The new version 4.00 brings a new feature called DNS Benchmark, which will allow you to easily find the fastest DNS.

The ChrisPC DNS Switch provides you with a simple but efficient graphical interface for selecting your network / card adapter and changing its corresponding DNS with the selected DNS from the default lists or with a custom DNS.

You may want to protect your anonymity, so you can select a server from the Anonymous DNS default group list. Or you may want to use Secure DNS servers that filter sites that may be potentially a threat to your computer (avoiding viruses, malware, trojans, etc.).

If your children are browsing the Internet, you can choose a DNS server for minors to avoid harmful sites (sex, violence, drugs or obscene behavior).

The application is available in two versions, and one is completely free for non-commercial use (personal use)

Download the application from the official page

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