Chrome 0day CVE-2020-16009 update immediately

Google today released a security update for the Chrome browser that fixes ten vulnerabilities, along with a 0day that is currently available online.

Its identifier is CVE-2020-16009. The new 0day was discovered by Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG), a Google security team.

Details about the new 0day and who has managed to use it have not been published for obvious reasons.

However, in one short changelog released today, Google reported that 0day is in V8, the Chrome component that handles JavaScript code.

Of course, all Chrome users are advised to update their browser to version 86.0.4240.183 or later.

This is the second Chrome 0day in the last two weeks.

On October 20, Google also released a security update for Chrome to fix CVE-2020-15999 error, a 0day in Chrome's FreeType font rendering library.

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