Chrome 0day update immediately

Google has released a security update for its Chrome Stable browser that addresses security holes that are already being exploited online. Many other Chromium-based browser manufacturers have already released security updates or will 0day

Google has released the update to the Chrome Stable channel, the Chrome Extended Stable channel, and for Chrome for Android. The Chrome Stable version is currently 107.0.5304.121 for Mac and Linux. 107.0.5304.121/.122 is for Windows, while Chrome Extended Stable is 106.0.5249.199. The updated version of Chrome for Android is 107.5.

Update directly from the internal address chrome://settings/help. The page that will open shows the current version installed on the device. It will check for updates and download and install.

All updates address a single browser security issue. Google lists it as CVE-2022-4135: Heap buffer overflow in GPU and gave it a high severity rating. High is second only to critical on the severity scale.

Google reports that the vulnerability is already being used by malicious users, so you should update immediately.

Google Chrome for Android updates automatically and there's no option to speed up the process, as Google Play doesn't have an option to manually scan for updates like it does on desktops. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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