Chrome 107 Stable fixes 14 security vulnerabilities

Google has released a new stable version of its Chrome browser. Chrome 107 Stable is released for all supported operating systems for desktops and Android. The web browser update will roll out over the next few days or even weeks, as usual. Chrome users who don't want to wait can do so by checking for updates

Open chrome://settings/help or select Menu > Help > About Google Chrome. The page that opens will show the installed version and check for new versions.

The upgrade raises the version number on desktops to 107.0.5304.62 for Mac, 107.0.5304.68 for Linux and 107.0.5304.62/63 for Windows while the Android version to 107.0.5304.54.

Google reports that Chrome 107 fixes 14 different security issues. The highest severity rating is “high”, second only to critical. Google does not know if the security holes are already being exploited by malicious users. Of course, it is recommended to update as early as possible to protect the browser from possible attacks.

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