Chrome 109 has just been released

Google has just released Chrome 109. Although Chrome releases generally come every four weeks, this time the interval was longer due to the holiday season.

But regardless, Chrome 109 is coming, and it's an important release because it will be the last version of the browser to support Windows 7 and 8.1. Microsoft itself stopped support for both operating systems very

The latest version of Chrome also contains the Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State (CHIPS), which is Google's alternative to third-party cookies.

Another interesting feature in this version of Chrome is MathML, which is a better way to insert mathematical formulas into web pages as it reduces complexity and improves performance with the ability to embed annotations in HTML and SVG.

Another feature that may intrigue web authors is enabling the Origin Private File System (OPFS) component of the File System Access API on Android for faster performance when accessing files.

There are also some improvements to video conferencing features.

However, it doesn't just bring new features. It also supports them bring-your-own-buffer (BYOB) readers for WebTransport to reduce unnecessary memory allocation.

Chrome 109 is already available. If it doesn't automatically update to version 109, go to Help > About Google Chrome to enable the update.

Next up is Chrome 110 which will be released to the Beta channel on January 12th. The circulation "Early Stable” will come on February 1st and Stable on February 7th. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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