Chrome 112 with 16 security fixes

Google has released a new Chrome update. From today, Mr Chrome 112 is available for everyone.

Chrome 112 was released today, after a one-week trial period with a small percentage of users. You might not notice anything different, as this release brings security improvements, bug fixes, and new developer 112

However, Google is preparing a redesign for Chrome that is expected sometime in 2023, and it is inspired by the Material You design language that is already used in Android, ChromeOS, and some of Google's web apps. There is also a new experimental “Reading Mode” which is expected to reach everyone with Chrome 114.

Although this update doesn't bring anything exciting, you should install it as soon as it appears since every Chrome update has important security fixes that help protect your devices.

Check out the 16 security fixes The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

Chrome 112

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