Chrome 70 safer and more friendly

Google today released Chrome 70, the longest version of the browser. Today's version brings a new option to the Chrome Settings panel that allows you to control how the browser behaves when it connects to a Google account.Chrome 70

Google added the new setting when it was revealed last month that when you linked the program to a company's service, the browsing history was secretly synced. Google has refused to synchronize user data without their consent, but has been strongly criticized by both media and users.

The new setting added to Chrome 70 appears as "Allow connection to Chrome" and is enabled by default. If left unchecked, Chrome 70 will behave just like Chrome 69 whenever you want to sign in to Gmail or YouTube, and it will sync your account.

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You can now turn off the setting and you can sign in to Google pages without automatically synchronizing your account.

In addition, Google has created a new user interface for displaying "sync mode" in Chrome. The change came after criticism was leveled last month when users said it was difficult to see when Google was syncing or not syncing their data.

But Chrome 70 brings other new features. For example, the new Chrome supports the final version of the TLS 1.3 template. Although Chrome has been supporting beta versions of TLS 1.3 for years, the new browser supports the final version of the standard, approved by IETF on March.

Chrome 70 also comes with two updates to the Web Authentication API, which will allow developers to support authentication via macOS's TouchID and Android's fingerprint sensor.

Web Bluetooth, an API that allows websites to communicate via GATT with user-selected Bluetooth devices, is now available for Chrome on Windows 10.

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