Chrome 70 will fix the automatic link and delete Google Cookies

Chrome 70 will allow you to control automatic sign-in and delete Google Cookies

It was a really bad week for Google and Chrome 69. First there was a major outcry that Google required you to use Chrome to sign in to or any of its services. Then came new protests when users saw that when they delete all cookies in Chrome, the browser did not properly remove the certification cookies of Google.

In short, Chrome users are not happy. However, Google seems to be listening to the public and has decided to include some of these changes in the upcoming Chrome 70, which is due to be released in mid-October.

In one Google blog entry Chroma Product Manager Zake Koch explains that even though they introduced these changes with good intentions, based on user feedback, they decided to bring back and give users more control over the behavior of the browser.

These changes will include a type setting: "Allow Chrome to connect" which will allow you to turn off Chrome automatic link to Chrôme when you sign in to a Google service.

Lastly, if you delete all cookies in Chrome 70, the browser will delete them all, including Google Authentication cookies.

Although Google realized that it would have to adjust to its customers' requirements and change the above settings, it still seems like it does not want to fix yet another protest.

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It's about it remove WWW from the address line of Chrome 70. Originally, Chrome 69 had removed the WWW from the address bar, but after complaints, they added them again. Hopefully, Google will hear these protests again and end WWW removal once and for all.

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