Chrome 79 has just been released with Phishing protection

Google today released Chrome 79 for all Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS platforms.

This release comes with several bug fixes, but also new features, such as built-in support for the password control tool, a real-time blacklist for malicious websites via Safe Browsing API, the release of Predicitive Phishing protection, HTTPS for "mixed content", and support for tab freezing.

The new version, in addition to all of the above, also brings a new user interface to the Chrome Sync Profile section and supports a back-forward caching flag chrome: // flags / # back-forward-cache).Chrome 79

It's worth noting that password checking is an online service through which Google checks all passwords that are synced with Chrome to determine if they have been leaked to other services.

To date, control passwords was available as a separate Chrome extension or in a section on the Google Dashboard.

With the new version of Chrome 79 released today, the password control utility was integrated into Chrome. To use it, you'll need to sync your Chrome passwords to a Google Account.

Once activated, it will let you know which sites you were using online leaked passwords and will be prompted to change them.

Another important tool that this release brings and worth mentioning is the phishing prediction. or Predictive Phishing in English.

It started as an idea in 2017 and apparently ended today with the release of version 79. Predictive Phishing warns users when they want to enter passwords on phishing sites.

To date, the feature has supported crawling phishing sites when importing credentials only from Google Accounts and only when users were using the sync feature in Chrome.

With Chrome 79, the warnings for Phishing will be available for all usernames and passwords stored in the Chrome password database, even if the user doesn't use the sync feature.

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