Chrome 94 just released (what's new)

It's been just over three weeks since the last big update of Chrome 93, and Google is back with a new version. Version 94 is available to all users watching the fixed channel.

If you're wondering why it only took 3 weeks for a new version to be released, it's because Google changed from a six-week release schedule to a four-week release.

What's new in Google Chrome 94

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HTTPS protocol

Chrome 94 continues to impose HTTPS over less secure HTTP. Now, if you try to open a page that uses HTTP you will see a full screen warning of the potential dangers. Google Chrome will also try to automatically switch from HTTP to HTTPS for any site you open over HTTP.


Another important change is a simplified settings interface. Instead of having all the settings on one big page, Google Chrome 94 will display options from each section. This change will be released gradually, and you can activate it with the following flag:

chrome: // flags # settings-landing-page-redesign

Sharing Hub

Finally, users can enable a new Chrome sharing page, a unified user interface for copying links, creating QR codes, and saving web pages. Be aware that the Sharing Hub is hidden behind an experimental flag.

To enable it, open the internal address chrome: // flags and enable the flag "Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox".

Other changes

It is also worth noting that Chrome 94 has a new inactivity detection API that allows developers to receive more information about user behavior, such as interacting with other windows.

Mozilla and Apple have already expressed concern about the extent to which the Idle Detection API violates user privacy and opens up "opportunities for capitalist surveillance."

Google Chrome 94 is now available for desktops and laptops. Google has also prepared a new page "What's new" (What's new) to display the new features in large releases.

See the inside page here chrome: // whats-new.

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