Chrome 95 has been released on the fixed channel

Chrome 95: Browsers have become almost like operating systems running within operating systems, with all the features and uses they offer to the end user. Of course many of us need web applications daily for our work or for gaming and communication.

The most popular browser on the market, the Chrome must keep up with these trends and the latest version 95 brings a number of new features designed to improve user 95

In August, for example, the ability to save Tab Groups was added to the Chrome Trial Channel. Tab groups are starting to be used by browsers as with the new feature you do not have to worry about losing and rebuilding groups when you close Chrome. A simple move will allow you to save them for future use.

Although there is no shortage of online shopping apps on our smartphones, some still prefer to buy things and services from the big screens of desktops and laptops.

To ensure the security of their transactions, Chrome 95 brings a new WebAuthn-based secure payment verification feature by adding more information and authentication requirements to regular pop-ups when confirming a transaction.

As ideal as it sounds, it is a feature of Chrome that may take some time for banks and stores to adopt so that it is really useful.

While most activities take place directly through browser tabs, web applications, and especially Progressive Web Apps or PWAs, are slowly becoming a popular way to interact with Web services.

The latest version of Chrome enhances this experience with an Eye Dropper API that can be used by web applications and PWAs for color pickers.

Chrome 95 is available for download on the fixed traffic channel for desktops, but it will take some time for the update to reach Android devices.

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