Chrome 15 February: End of annoying ads

Google today announced that it will stop displaying ads through Chrome that do not meet certain quality standards from 15 February to 2018.

Google had announced its intention to block embarrassing ads via Chrome since June, but today announced for the very first time a very specific date.Chrome

Quality standards reported by Google are set by Google Better Ads - which has been established by the company itself. So using Google's Better Ads metrics and weights will block any annoying ads.

What will they be? On the desktops will be pop-up ads, or videos that play automatically with sounds, large sticky ads and much more. Mobile phones will include scrollover ads, flashing ads, etc.

If you are a webmaster and are interested in learning more, you can read our company guides to view better ads from the following links:

But Google will not just stop on the above steps. If you do not agree with viewing an ad and ignore the warning for more than 30 days, Google will ban all ads from this site.

So to show us, who is the boss… and who can choose the quality ads, such as the following image sent to us by a friend of the page, and you may have noticed the previous days:

Of course, there will always be people trying to figure out ways to circumvent the regulations…

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