Chrome for Android: login without password

Chrome without passwords; Google today announced that you will be able to use the fingerprint sensor to connect to some of its services when you use Chrome for Android.

The company has announced that this feature will be available to all users of Pixel devices today and that it will be released to anyone using Android 7 (or some larger version) in the coming days.


At the moment, you can try this feature at You will be able to view and edit your passwords.

The company said it will soon allow more Google and Google cloud services to use this authentication method.

The company also reported that this feature was manufactured using FIDO2, W3C WebAuthn and FIDO CTAP service standards. This makes the new feature safer than using the native biometric APIs used on Android.

Google has stated that if you use FIDO2, you can use the same method of verification in both the web and the application.

Using this method, you will not have to enter a password every time you need to log in to a service, so you can "survive" from "phishing" attacks.

FIDO2 remembers the credentials of a particular device, and authentication takes place locally on your device, minimizing the risk of your data leaking


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