Chrome: Turn on blocking redirects

Such as we mentioned in a previous publication, Google is planning to launch a new security feature from Chrome 64 that will protect users from various forms of unwanted redirects to the Internet.

Google has said that these redirects often come from third-party scripts embedded in ads.

So the upcoming version of Google Chrome will show a notification if the content of a web page is trying to redirect you to another page.

In addition to the above Chrome Security Addition, Google plans to address another issue related to unwanted redirects from Chrome 65. This particular form of unwanted redirection occurs after a user's action, for example, by pressing a button or a link.

If you are a website owner or advertiser and want to know if the upcoming changes affect your site or your ads, you can check it from the following address:

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This should be done before December 31 as the company stated that websites containing such code will not be displayed at all.

Those Chrome users who do not want to wait until the 65 version to get redirection protection can do so by flags:Chrome

Let's see how:

Open the address in your browser

chrome: // flags / # enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture
Change the status of the experiment flag from Default to Enabled.
Then you will have to restart the browser to apply the change.

Google once again makes the start for something that other browser manufacturers should have done for a long time.

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