Chrome does not allow history to be deleted

Recent versions of the Google Chrome browser have a bug that prevents some users from deleting the app's browsing history.

All browsers have options to delete your browsing history.

By "browsing history" we mean certain types of data generated by the browser or downloaded from the Internet. For example, cache data, cookies or, as mentioned above, various files such as images that have been downloaded from the websites we visited.


Chrome users can delete this data by opening the internal address: chrome: // settings / clearBrowserData, or using the Ctrl-Shift-Del shortcut, or select Menu> More Tools> Clear browsing data.

Chrome initially displays the basic options, but you need to open the advanced settings to delete the data.

The company began to notice various problems in clearing Chrome browser data with the release of Chrome 72 in January of 2019.

Application users they said that the liquidation was not working. it would end forever without an obvious choice to stop or get out of the process.

The newer versions of Google Chrôme are also affected by this bug, and it appears that the situation has worsened with the release of Chrome 74.

A Google developer has confirmed that the Chrome 74 version is affected by the issue on April 29 and that most reports come from Windows users and MacOS device users.

At this time, a fix appears to have been developed, but it is available in Chrome Canary, which means it has not yet been developed for stable versions of the browser. However, it is a matter of time to see a fix.

Temporary fix

  You can always delete history in different ways. OR free application BleachBit can delete cookies, cache, history, passwords and other Google browsing data.

In Windows, you can clear the cache manually from the following path:

C: \ Users \ TO-NAME-USER \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ DEFAULT \ Cache \

Replace USER-USER-NAME with the name of the user you are using on your system and DEFAULT (or THE-NAME-OF-PROFILE) with the name of the profile. The cache folder contains stored data that you can delete. Cookies are located in a folder called Cookies and located in the root of the Chrome user's profile folder.




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