Chrome Cleanup Tool add-on for malicious extensions

Google Chrome has one embedded utility called the Chrome Cleanup Tool. The tool scans and removes malware displaying ads.

However, this tool does not allow removing the Chrome extensions installed with the so-called Windows group policies.

Chrome Cleanup ToolThis is going to change according to him source code of Chrome.

The new feature we will see in an upcoming release is described in the source code as "Update chrome_cleaner / chrome_utils to remove force-installed extensions" or "Update chrome_cleaner / chrome_utils to remove uninstalled extensions".

According to this update, the Chrome Cleanup Tool will now be able to detect and remove extensions installed without the user's consent. However, it will use a whitelist with Google extensions that will continue to be installed automatically.

Extensions installed with it so I want it automatically from Chrome, without any user interaction, use the configured Windows group policies. These policies are legitimately used by administrators to prepare the Chrome browser with extensions commonly used in the service they are working on.

These group policies can be added by creating the appropriate registry keys found in:
on the following routes
for Google Chrome: Software \ Policies \ Google \ Chrome \
and for Chromium: Software \ Policies \ Chromium \

Unfortunately, malware extensions developers know these group policies and use them to force extensions to install without the approval of Chrome users.

The worst however is that for those extensions installed by group policies, they can not be removed as all extensions. To remove them, the registry should be modified to remove policies.

For this reason, adding this feature to the Chrome Cleanup Tool is a very welcome addition.


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