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NirSoft's Chrome Cookies View is a free software that allows you to easily view, search, delete and generally manage all stored Cookies of the Chrome browser.

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The Chrome browser itself does not provide you with an easy-to-read way to manage its stored Cookies. That's where NirSoft's free Chrome Cookies View alternative comes in. Allows you to easily view, search, delete, manage existing Cookies.

It automatically detects all cookies and displays them in its interface. There, you can see cookies along with various information such as hostname, name, value, last accessed, created, expired, etc. It has a very simple interface and is easy to use.

It has filters to narrow the search results and you can load and view cookies of the other browsers, which are Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and Yandex, outside of Chrome.

Another option allows you to decrypt cookies from an external drive. You can add an icon to the Taskbar for easy access to the tool.

Finally you can save the results in various file types or display them as an HTML file in the browser.

Download the program Chrome Cookies View from NirSoft's official website. Unzip it and run the ChromeCookiesView exe file. No installation needed because it is Portable. Once you run it, it will scan your Chrome cookies and display them in its interface.

Its current version is 1.73. Unfortunately its Greek version has been updated since 2018 when there was version 1,46. But you can download our own translation, the file ChromeCookiesView_Greek, unzip it and put the unzipped file in the installation folder. When you restart the program it will be in Greek and in the latest version.

The photo is from our own translated version. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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