Data Saver for Chrome compresses web pages on the fly

Data Saver: Google recently released a new Chrome browser extension that reduces the use of your saver 1

Extension is called Data Saver, and uses a Google data compression proxy service to optimize the pages before they are served to your browser. It does not work with websites that use SSL ( at this time, and you will need Chrome 41 or a newer version to use it.

Expansion works very easily. Just click on the extension button on your browser toolbar to see how much data it has stored and if you want it from the same window you can disable it.

The feature is also available in Chrome for Android and iOS. To enable it, you can do it from Settings, click Data Saver and you're ready.

Google has begun testing the data compression service for browsers since March of 2013. The presentation of this beta extension could show us how Google imagines Chrome's functionality in future releases.

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