Chrome QR code capability for images as well

A new feature extends the QR code generator for URLs in Chromium. Google Chrome (and Microsoft Edge) allows you to generate QR codes for the page you are browsing.

The generated QR code encodes the page URL and embeds it in a QR image. This allows reading from any compatible device, e.g. with your phone camera.

Now you can do the same for the images. The new Chrome Canary released adds a new menu entry when you right-click. The new entry allows you to instantly share an image via QR code. How does it work:

Just right-click on an image, and select the new entry in the menu (Generate QR code or Generate QR code). A new dialog will open showing you a QR for the image address.

You're done.

The dialog that opens allows you to download the QR as a PNG image. You can save the image, send it to your friends or read it with your phone camera to open or open the relevant image in your phone browser.

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