Chrome checks for typos in URLs

"Google Chrome will check for typos in your URLs and show suggested sites based on what it thinks you meant," he says the Verge.

From announcement of Google:chrome

When you type a website into Chrome's address bar, it will detect typos in URLs and suggest websites based on the corrections. This will increase accessibility for dyslexics, students, and anyone else who makes typos, making it easier to access sites you've visited before despite spelling mistakes. This feature is now available on Chrome for desktop and will be rolling out to mobile in the coming months.

It was one of several new features Google announced as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Google also announced that its Lookout app (which provides audio cues for visually impaired users) can now provide image descriptions on web pages "powered by an advanced visual language model developed by Google DeepMind."

Chrome on Android recently updated its TalkBack screen reader. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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