Chrome: The Great Suspender extension distributes malware

A few hours ago, Google removed the popular Chrome browser extension, The Great Suspender, from the web store extensions because it was installing malware on users' systems.

Those who opened multiple tabs in the Google Chrome browser noticed that they were consuming a lot of RAM as well as a lot of processing power. The Chrome The Great Suspender browser extension addressed this issue, as it promised to solve it. The extension allows you to suspend your tabs so that they do not consume memory.

Last year the developer of the extension changed the code, as you can read in this post on GitHub. There is a note that the browser extension can now install malware on the destination system. Starting with version 7.1.8, an exploit was added to the code of The Great Suspender extension that could run almost any type of code on a user's computer without knowing it.

Microsoft also removed the extension from the Microsoft Edge extensions web store.

Thus the extension was forcibly disabled on all the systems that had been installed.

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