Chrome: do improvements in using RAM come in?

Everyone who uses Google's browser will know that although Chrome is the number one browser in the world, it requires high memory rates. Google, naturally aware of the problem, seems to have decided to add new optimizations to

According to σελίδα ChromeStory, the search company is currently looking at new improvements to the browser application and, in particular, a feature called an improvement called "Best Effort Tasks." The new feature will use a new feature that will keep some of the application processes on hold .

Chrome using less RAM?

The website leaked part of the application code stating that the processes: "burn user data to disk, cache, measurement report or update data" could work not during browsing but when the user decides to close the browser.

In this way, Google believes that the application will require fewer resources over the course a typical tour.

We mention the "typical" because if I think about the way I use my own browser (Firefox), probably Google's measures will not work, since the browser closes only with the restart of the computer, about once a month.

Currently, these optimizations are still at a very early stage, and we do not know if Google is going ahead with the improvements.

Of course this is what many expect. According to third-party data, Google Chrôme is almost touching 70% of market share in desktops. This means that almost 7 on 10 computers run the Google app.


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