Chrome removes third party cookies for more privacy

Chrome is the most popular browser on the Internet, but as everyone knows, Google's browsing app promotes telemetry data to the company.

So Google he revealed plans to phase out third-party cookies with a post on Chromium's official blog to increase "internet browsing privacy". Of course, before taking this step, Google wants to find a different way to meet the needs of "users, publishers and advertisers" "within two years".


Some web browsers have already begun to permanently block third-party cookies or have anti-online monitoring mechanisms in place to improve users' privacy. Google said it was considering these solutions and decided not to implement any of them because of "unintended consequences that could adversely affect users and the internet ecosystem."

Tip: If you use Chrome you can disable cookies from the internal chrome address: // settings / content / cookies. Then enable the "block third-party cookies" or "block third-party cookies" setting.

One of the side effects of blocking cookies is that other detection methods, such as fingerprinting, have become more widely used.

The company plans to launch Chrome privacy enhancements in February and fingerprint protection later in 2020. Improvements to Chrome in February 2020 will reduce cross-site tracking.

It should be noted that Google is an advertising company primarily and most of the company's revenue comes from its ads. But it is clear that there is a strong demand for privacy on the Internet and Google, although it has the most used browser, will not just sit and watch other browsers block any monitoring.

To date he has managed not to do so, but conditions are pressing. Her movements Mozilla in Firefox, but also its upcoming release Edge based on Chromium, push company to change Chrome.
If Google does not respond now, it may be too late.

So the gradual abolition of the use of third party cookies is a step. It remains to be seen, however, what it will replace. It is possible that the replacement proposed by Google will be mostly beneficial for the company itself and less or even disadvantageous for others.

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