The Secrets of the Chrome Address Bar

His address bar Chrome it seems to be a regular line of addresses at first glance. Its use is simple, you type a URL and take you to the web page. But it can do many more things if you know how to use it.
Let's look at some of the secrets of the Chrome address

Unit Conversion and Mathematics

Forget the Windows calculator, or your operating system, simply type the equation in the Chrome Address bar and get the answer right away without even having to press Enter. You can do the same to convert units, like let's say temperatures from C to F. All you need to do is add an equal after the unit you want to convert. So the type of search is something like 

50 c = f

for temperatures, or

50 feet = inches


Make your Notebook browser

This trick works in almost any modern browser. If you want to have a blank notebook that you use as a draft while browsing, type the following text in the address bar. You can add it to your bookmarks.

data: text / html,

Search for keywords with Drag and Drop

If you are not a fan of copying and pasting or you hate right-clicking, you can search for a word by highlighting it (highligh) and then Drag and Drop it in the address bar.

Search for Special Websites

Google veterans are quite familiar with the search that contained the term "site:" You can also use it from the address bar simply by typing the address of a web page, and then pressing the Tab key. That is

site: smartphones

Search Gmail or Google Drive

Let's go to services like Gmail or Google Drive. Searches in these services are much easier than the address bar. To do this, you will need to prepare your browser.

Right-click on the address bar and select "Edit Search Engines" or "Edit Search Engines"
Add a new search engine called Google Drive
Name it with a keyword you'll remember, like "GDrive"
Enter the following URL at:

You can do the same for Gmail, just the URL changes to


When you want to search for your Google Drive or Gmail accounts, simply type or and press Tab to begin your search. You can do a similar trick to add something to your Google Calendar.

Use the address bar as File Explorer

Type C: / in Windows or file: // localhost on Mac and Linux to open your disc from your browser. You can also transfer any file to the address bar and open it in Chrome.

Open a new email window

Do you want to send an e-mail quickly but do not want to open your email? You can from his address bar Chrome. Type mailto: in your address bar and opens a new synthesis window with your default email program.

See all the security information on a web page

If you ever find yourself on a "weird" website and want to know more about what it does, click on the padlock if a website uses HTTPS or the icon to the left of the URL in the address bar. Here, you can search for cookies, block JavaScript, block popups and more.

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