Enable Tab Freeze in Google Chrome

Google has today released Google Chrome 79 which includes a new exciting feature, the Tab Freeze, which is still in trial. Here's how you can try it.

Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser and comes with many useful options. Many of these are experimental, meaning they are not used by regular users, but by those who love experimentation and research and can easily activate them.

These experimental features can greatly improve the Chrome browser user experience by enabling additional features. To enable or disable an experimental mode, you can use a "hidden" setup menu called "flags".

The “Tab Freeze” feature is also an experimental Google Chrome feature. When enabled, your browser is able to detect that your computer has low memory and may suspend tabs that you have not used or seen at any time. The browser will stop any activity for tabs that you haven't used for 5 minutes.

To enable Tab Freeze in Google Chrome:
1. Open the Google Chrome browser
2. Enter the following text in the address bar: chrome: // flags / # proactive-tab-freeze. This will open the flags page directly with the relevant setting.
3. Select the Enabled option from the drop-down list next to 'Tab Freeze'.
4. Restart Google Chrome by clicking on "Relaunce" or simply shut down Chrome and then restart it.

Keep in mind that it is still an experimental feature in Chrome, so it can work with problems.

It has one of the following functions:

Default = Pre-configured by Chrome
Enabled = Enable it with Chrome defaults
Enadled Freezem - No unfreeze = Enabled. Chrome will not reload the tabs in memory.
Enadled Freezem - Unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes = Enabled. Chrome will reload the frozen tabs in memory every 15 minutes and keep them for 10 seconds.
Disabled = Off

The same feature exists in Microsoft Edge and in Firefox .

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