Chromebook AUE: When does your system expire?

You are using one ; Below we will see when it expires. This is something every Windows user should understand. But the big difference between Google and Microsoft is that the first has the expiration date before its sale of me.

Microsoft arbitrarily decides when support for a particular chip stops - and the company's decision is announced after the initial release of the device.


Chromebook ads usually have an expiration date of AUE. However, if you don't know the expiration date of your Chromebook, it's easy to look for it. Google has an easily accessible list computers along with their expiration dates.

But what is the expiration date?

Every Chromebook has an “Auto Update Expiration (AUE) Date” and refers to the date Google will support it that your computer "wears".

If you can't find a specific one Chromebook model with the expiration date listed, you can use the following method:

Open your Chromebook and Chrome at the internal chrome: // version.

At the point where it says Platform, look at the end of the code name. For example, it may say "stable channel snappy". Then open it σελίδα, and look for the code name that your system has. You will find the brand of your computer and the expiry date of AUE.

Please note that after the expiry date of the AUE, myou can continue to use your Chromebook, but your operating system will not be updated.

The device will display a notification of:

This device will no longer receive the latest software updates. Consider an upgrade.

Safety is one , although the Chromebook is one of the most secure devices out there thanks to the app sandboxing and other techniques Google uses.

So although there is an issue it seems to be less serious than it would be, for example, on a Windows computer.

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