Cisco buys Kenna Security

Cisco announced today that it intends to acquire California-based Kenna Security, a vulnerability management platform.

Kenna is the first major acquisition for Cisco Security after its acquisition Duo Security $ 2,35 billion in 2018. The financial terms of the Kenna acquisition were not disclosed.

Kenna Security uses machine learning and data science to track and anticipate actual exploits, to help security teams manage the threat landscape as it evolves. THE Cisco reported that Kenna has protected more than 14 million assets and identified more than 12,7 billion vulnerabilities.

With Kenna technology, Cisco plans to combine vulnerability management with its own SecureX platform. Cisco said the integration will help customers prioritize vulnerabilities, speed up and automate decision-making, and speed up response time to cyber incidents.

"With Kenna Security as part of SecureX, we will bridge the top threat management capabilities with vulnerability management to improve our customer platform," said Gee Rittenhouse, head of Cisco Business Security Group.

"In addition, the combination of Kenna Security and SecureX will enable our customers to meet critical challenges by prioritizing vulnerability lists, streamlining security and IT collaboration, and automating remediation to improve their overall security stance."

SecureX was introduced in March 2020 and is the focus of Cisco's security portfolio. The cloud-native security platform aims to give businesses better visibility into their security infrastructure through analytics and automation.

The Cisco security group is becoming a key growth driver for the company. In the second quarter, Cisco Security Revenue rose 10 percent to $ 822 million.

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