Cisco: New pirate streaming technology

Cisco will probably piss off pirates: Pirated video streams are pretty much the easiest (and most affordable) way to watch content that is available primarily to users around the world who know it's impossible for copyright holders to do something fast.

In most cases, getting a live feed before the movie is over is impossible as there are hundreds of alternative streams that companies are unable to stop at the same time.

Cisco, however, reportedly has the answer to this problem as it developed a new technology that promises to block video streams published online. The solution is easier than you think.

Basically, when copyright owners try to stop someone from watching a video, they try to close the feed of the data. But because of the unlimited resources available online, it is almost impossible. Cisco piracy

Thus, with its new technology, Cisco focuses on identifying the source and leaving it offline. In other words, Cisco cuts access to the source

How does it work?

The new service he developed is called Streaming Piracy Prevention (SPP) or Pirate Prevention Streaming, automatically detects illegal feeds and turns them off.

"Using a forensic watermark, we identify the subscriptions / sessions used to supply the content, and close the source through the video security system, all in real time. The process is fully automated, ensuring the timely response to piracy incidents. " says the company.

So it will no longer be necessary to send a letter from a court to stop the pirated movie process, as Cisco says, everything will happen automatically. A particular account will detect the source of a live stream, and will automatically deactivate it.

The biggest challenge is definitely a zero false false positives. If this software detects an account and sees it seamlessly, the video stream will stop automatically even if the source transmits legitimate content and does not engage in piracy.

In addition, we will have to wait for the counter-response by the pirates who will certainly think of something, just as they have been doing so for many years. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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