How to clean your keyboard once and for all

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? Certainly not every time you clean your home or your computer, because of its black color it does not appear to have the maka on it.


First of all let's explore why you need to clean your keyboard and how to do it correctly.

Why you need to clean your keyboard
First, keyboards are not the cleanest item in your home or office. Lots of crumbs of food, dust, drops of soft drinks, beers, pieces of your nails that you eat all the time, and many other goodies are found and stacked between and under the keys. If you turn your keyboard around you will surely see some of your past.

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Studies have shown that keyboards are one of the most filthy objects on the planet. It is a safe haven for germs. If you think we are exaggerated, then according to Time are inside the 6 filthiest office objects.

The keyboard is almost never cleaned, on the one hand because its black color hides in the dirt and on the other hand the trash underneath the keys doesn't look easy.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

Is it time to take care of the cleanliness of this item? Let's see how to do it right.

General Precautions When Cleaning a Keyboard
Before learning how to clean a keyboard, first read what precautions you should take before cleaning it.

1. Disconnect the keyboard from the computer
First of all, make sure that the keyboard is not active while cleaning it. Disconnect it from your computer, as this will protect you from electrical problems and accidental typing nonsense to your friends.

Of course, if you're using a laptop, that's a little harder to do. Therefore, it is best to turn off the laptop and unplug it before starting to clean it.

2. Turn the keyboard over an appropriate trash collector
You can get rid of some large dirt, with minimal effort. Place the keypad on a garbage can or on top of the sink, and then give the powerful shake to all directions. This easy trick should remove any large particles before you start the correct cleaning process.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

3. Carefully remove the keys (for those who "hold" their hands)
If you have a mechanical keyboard, if your hands grasp and you have decided to reach the bone, then it's time to remove the keys from your keyboard. But make sure you do it very carefully. Excessive overload will cause more problems than a dirty keyboard. If you want, you can try a special key removal tool that makes the job easier.

We recommend buying a suitable tool for this job, such as WASD Keyboard Wire Keycap or something similar.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

If they really get your hands on you can also make your own tool with a simple humble clip or any imaginable way.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

Of course, removing the keys from a keyboard depends on the type of keyboard and whether its construction enables you to perform such delicate operations. In addition to the mechanical keyboards from which each key can be accessed separately, there are also the membrane keyboards where all key switches are beneath a molded plastic membrane.

How to Clean a Keyboard |
Now that we have analyzed why you need to clean your keyboard, as well as some important security tips, it's time to choose the weapon of your choice. There are many options available, so read them all and choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Pressurized air
One of my favorite accessories for anyone who hates dust in their electronics is compressed air as it is a convenient way to get rid of any dirt.

Compressed air is what you imagine. An air container that holds its contents under high pressure. When you press the stopper on top, the compressed air comes out with force in front of the nozzle. This removes dirt from all electronic machinery. Cost from 2,20 to 16 euros.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

One of the best aspects of compressed air is that it does not affect other components. You can use it to clean almost any gadget, even the inside of a computer.

If you are stingy with money and are looking for an alternative similar, never use a hair dryer unless it can only give you cold air. If it is made to blow without turning on its electrical resistors, then you can use it, but it will not have the same air power, even if you add a component in front of its outlet that narrows the air passage.

Lucky ones have access to one compressed air compressor or own one blower then they can do the same job with these machines.

2. Deep purification with alcohol
If you want to do a deep cleaning you should use alcohol. We do not recommend pure 95 grade alcohol because it is very expensive. Prefer isopropyl alcohol (or isopropanol or Propanol) which is a chemical made to cleanse grease and dirt of all surfaces and is also very cheap.

One liter (1000 ml) isopropyl alcohol costs 8 euros while with the same money you can buy only 100 ml (0,1 liters) of pure alcohol.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

Η isopropyl alcohol it is more volatile than alcohol and therefore dries faster. You can use it just like alcohol. Wipe it with a cotton swab, or a cotton cloth and rub all the keys, but also the base of the keyboard, which is, in theory, much more dirty than the keys.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

Pay attention to how much alcohol you put in the cotton swab because you do not want it to start dripping on the base of the keyboard. Generally electronic machines do not like liquids even though they are highly volatile and evaporate immediately.

Of course for the keys you have removed from their base (and only for them) or the membrane (if you have a membrane keyboard) you can soap them with a soft sponge (not the wire side) and dry them on the air. Do not put bleach !!!! they are most likely to blur their color.

3. Clapper
No, that's not a way to clean. It is a sticky, semi-liquid product used by children for construction. We mention this because some companies market it for a keyboard cleaner, on the grounds that it sticks to dirt and when it comes out, lures it away.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

It even comes in a variety of flavors for a fragrant keyboard. We do not recommend it because it will not come out easily if it enters the keys so you have to remove them one by one to remove it.

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard |
With standard, mechanical keyboards, it's easy to remove keys and clear gaps. If you are using a laptop, however, there is a good chance that they are integrated into the chassis and more difficult to clean.

Check again to see if you can turn off the keys. We do not advise you to try pulling them out. Instead, see your laptop manufacturer's instructions to see if they have any tips on cleaning the keyboard. If they don't, it's best to leave the keys in their privacy.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

After checking above, turn off the laptop and disconnect it from the power adapter. If there are instructions from the manufacturer just follow them. If not, use compressed air again to get rid of larger particles and isopropyl alcohol for the most persistent stains.

You can also turn the laptop upside down and give it a shake to remove the dirt. Do it above a sink or a bucket so you don't scatter all the dirt that falls.

In addition to hygiene, cleaning the keyboard is one of the key tips for repairing faulty keys. It's worth a try if your keys don't work as they originally did.

How to Clean a Mac Keyboard |
If you want to know how to clean a MacBook keyboard, go to Apple has instructions on how to do it right. In summary, they advise you to use water, cleaning solutions and air.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

Therefore, it is best to use the tips they give on their site. Wipe it over the surface of the keyboard with a lightly damp cloth. Use a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol for dried dirt. Make sure its cotton does not soak with alcohol before cleaning because you will do more damage than repair it.

How to Clean a Computer Keyboard |
Mechanical keyboards can be a little more difficult than membrane keyboards, given the complex switching mechanisms under each key. For optimal cleanliness, you will need a key remover, some cotton swabs and a little isopropyl alcohol before you start.

First, remove all the keyboard keys. Be careful though. If you can't remember the exact layout of the keys, it is best to take a picture before you can put them back in the correct position.

laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

Then gently clean with isopropyl alcohol around the keys and switches. If desired, you can prepare a bowl of warm soapy water and leave the keys on it for a few hours. Just make sure you dry them properly before putting them back.

Leaks are the biggest problem with mechanical keyboards. If you throw a liquid on your mechanical keyboard, try not to scroll it, as spilled liquid can get into the key mechanisms.

Instead, remove the keys and gently wipe off any liquid between them. Then perform a deeper cleaning with isopropyl alcohol to remove any glue.

Protect your keyboard
Whether you've just cleaned it, or just bought it and it's still shining, your keyboard can stay there forever if you protect it with a transparent keypad. The cost of it is between 2 and 5 euros and you can buy it from all computer stores.

Some models have a specially designed membrane for them, though you can also use a universal one.

Making your computer clean
The keyboards collect the most dirt and users often neglect them. Now you know why you need to clean your keyboard and how to do it. Also consider not to bring anything back in front of your computer. Is it done? The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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laptop, clean, keyboard, keyboard

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  1. Wash hands before grasping keyboard, baby wipe antiseptic to clean fingers if eating. It is generally a habit for our computer to have a "reasonable" use and not όχι sanitary: P

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