Cleanup.Pictures: Free removal of objects from AI photos is a free online tool that uses AI to remove objects and people from photos.

cleanup pictures

No installation or registration required. You upload a photo to his website, you specify what you want to remove and he does all the work quickly and with great results. Cleanup.Pictures will intelligently remove specified objects from the photo.

You can then download the updated photo to your computer for free without a watermark. It is a simple tool and does not require any registration to work.

In the tests we did the result was satisfactory in most of our photos. You can access the main homepage of this tool from this link. Since no registration is required, just start by uploading an image and then use the brush tool from the site and highlight the item or person you want to remove. Paint it and make sure to enclose it properly.

See the original image from one of our tests (the image is from the internet in resolution 1200 × 799 px)

And see it after our attempt to remove the two front atoms (returned to us in 1024 × 681 px resolution):
acropolis 2

Once you lift the brush, Cleanup.Pictures will start processing the image. It will take a few seconds and the edited image will appear. That's all.

Cleanup.Pictures is just the opposite of Remove bd which we presented earlier and removed the background from the photos. This removes objects and holds the background. The result is amazing for a free online tool. It's really worth a try.

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