How! to! close! the! account! your! to! Yahoo!

Υπό το φως της πρόσφατης μαζικής διαρροής δεδομένων μετά την of Yahoo but also according to the our morning publication which states that the company allowed automated scanning of incoming emails to US intelligence services, there are many who are thinking of closing their accounts. yahoo-account yahoo

To close your Yahoo account, visit this page, and sign in with your credentials.

Follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to re-enter the πρόσβασής σας, αλλά και ένα CAPTCHA πριν κάντε in "Termination of this account".

If you did everything correctly, you will receive a confirmation that o has indeed been yahoo

You should know that if you close your account, all your Yahoo services will cease to work, and your personal settings will be deleted.

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