After the limitations of Onedrive what the Cloud alternatives

Do you store files in Cloud and use Onedrive? Microsoft recently announced that it is changing the free storage space limits for its

The company's move basically changes the storage space to the Office 365 Home, Personal and University package customers and reduces the free space allocation to 5GB from 15GB that was earlier.

The reason given by the company is that some customers "abuse" the unlimited storage offer by uploading terabytes of data to Onedrive, but it does not really explain why it also limited free storage.

Onedrive users have at least one year to respond to the change before the company realizes and delete their data.

Of course, if you use Onedrive logically (you've uploaded say 2 Gigabyte) then you do not have to worry.

However, if your data exceeds the upcoming limits, you should consider switching Cloud, because in order to get 50Gb in addition to Onedrive you will need to pay 1,99 dollars per month (only available to users with free storage that need more GB ).

So let's look at Onedrive's alternative services:

* The following alternatives are listed in alphabetical order.

Amazon Cloud Driveamazon cloud drive

Amazon Cloud Drive comes in the form of two packages.

  1. Unlimited Photos (Unlimited Photos) provides unlimited storage for photos and 5GB extra video storage and files cost 11,99 dollars a year (it's free for Amazon Prime customers).
  2. Unlimited Everything offers unlimited storage for files of all types and costs 59,99 per year.

The client that allows you to upload your data to Amazon does not support synchronization, which means you should manually upload your data to the Amazon cloud.


The free account comes with 10GB free storage and a 250MB size limit per file. The package can be upgraded to 100GB with 8 € per month. That's pretty expensive.

Box offers automatic sync to automatically sync files from your PCs and mobile apps.


Dropbox's free package offers only 2GB storage space that users can increase if they attract others, new to the service.

Dropbox Pro is available for 9,99 per month and provides access to 1TB storage.

Dropbox offers automatic synchronization, ie all the contents of a folder are automatically synchronized with the cloud when the client logs in to the user's account.

Google DriveGoogle Drive

Google Drive offers 15GB free storage. For extra storage, you can have 100GB for 1.99 dollars up to 30T for 299,99 dollars per month.

The Google Drive program lets you synchronize files from your local systems in the cloud automatically.

Photos you upload to Google are not counted on the storage limit provided they meet certain conditions.


HubiC offers 25GB free storage. The 100GB package is available for 10 € per year, while the 10TB package costs 50 € per year.

Data is stored in France and not in the United States, and the service offers pretty much all the features you would expect from a service like this, including auto-sync.

HubiC is a service offered by OVH from one of Europe's largest web hosting providers.


Free SpiderOak package offers 2GB. Add-on packages are available from 7 dollars for 30GB extra, 12 for 1TB, and 25 for 5TB.

Although not the cheapest service available, it places great emphasis on privacy. The service uses encryption technology to protect files during transport, as well as in the cloud. Only the customer can decrypt the data, and from SpiderOak's staff, no one can see anything, not even the names of the files or folders stored on company servers.


Once you find a suitable alternative to Onedrive for you, you need to move your data.

This can be done quite a bit from the tools available to new services. For example, if the new service provides you with synchronization, all you need to do is move all the files from the onedrive folder to your system to the new service folder.

But if you choose an Amazon package that does not support synchronization, you will have to upload them all manually.

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