Cloud Convert Convert online 200 to different types of files

The Cloud Convert is a free online service that you can use to convert more than 200 to different types of files.

Sometimes you may need to convert a file type to another. You may have to convert the files to put them on your mobile phone, or to be compatible with a program that you use on your local system.Cloud Convert

This is sometimes difficult, perhaps because you do not have the right tools, or because you are using a public computer that does not have the ones you need to convert files. The same may be true when using a mobile phone or tablet where application options are limited.

Cloud Convert is a free online service that supports a wide variety of file types, from CAD files or documents, accounting and media files.

Its use is simple

Select the files on the service web page and use your local browser to upload them. You can also upload files from any webpage URL or from one of the supported cloud hosting providers (Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive).
Convert your file, and send it to Dropbox, or Google Drive or OneDrive when the conversion is complete.

The Cloud Convert but it seems to limit its visitors to two concurrent conversions at the same time.

The number of file formats that Cloud Convert can convert is impressive.
The new service is extremely flexible. Since you can upload the files directly from a Cloud provider and save it back to Cloud, you can convert them without touching your local files.

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