Performance and IT Security: Philips Cloud Display Base

MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner of Philips monitors, helps to improve the operation of IT departments with the all-in-one convenience offered by Philips Cloud Screen Database. Users simply fit their Philips monitor to the cradle and connect directly to their corporate Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment for access to central IT applications and secure data storage. Offering flexibility, easy management and ultimate security - combined with dazzling screen image quality Philips - the Display Base Cloud Philips it could be the smartest IT option for a company.

Cloud Philips

Flexibility ALL-in-one

The brand new Philips Display Stand brings VDI closer to business, providing all the benefits of keeping data and software on the host server and reducing the need for computing power on separate PCs. Available in two versions - the SB4B1927VB for VMware infrastructure and the SB4B1927CB for Citrix - the Philips Cloud Display Stand consists of a smart, ergonomic stand on which users can place any Philips display in the S, P and B series, from 19 to 29 inches and connect with their corporate VDI. No separate desktop or laptop is required, and users can connect a mouse or keyboard directly to the cradle. With such a system it is now easy to keep the workplace tidy.

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Cloud Philips 1

Smarter management IT

The key advantages of a VDI IT segment are cost-effectiveness, security and easy management. IT managers can maintain high security and protection across the company as the VDI environment manages from a single point, thus limiting the possibility of unwanted software being installed in the system. All data is secured in Cloud and synchronized with the central server - ready for immediate use.

Philips Cloud Screen Database provides clean and reliable IT services throughout the company. With easy installation and management, the Base converts a monitor to a zero-client at a low cost as businesses can use existing Philips monitors at no extra cost on new equipment. It simply connects to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that the company has already installed. The potential savings are impressive: a company with zero-client technology using the Philips Cloud Screen Case reduces overall IT costs by reducing the cost of purchasing computers.

In addition, it has plenty of connections such as dual DVI output for dual-screen expansion, microphone and audio for online meetings, USB and LAN. So the Philips Cloud Monitor with SmartConnect capabilities is an excellent productivity tool.

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly design

The Philips Cloud Display Base can offer all-in-one simplicity - but its design does not apply to "One-size-fits-all". The basic stand is adjustable to the user's eye height and can be rotated and tilted as needed to ensure the correct position of the screen and to relieve daytime physical fatigue in the office. The Philips Cloud Screen, with power savings of up to 90%, helps protect the planet by giving a green impression to the business.

The new Philips Cloud Screen is available in stores with recommended retail price of € 329 for model SB4B1927CB and € 449 for SB4B1927VB.

Model SB4B1927VB SB4B1927CB
Client Solution VMWare Citrix
Processor Terrorist TREA 2321 TI DM8148 Cortex - A8 Dual
Memory: ROM 2Gbit DDR III 2Gbit DDR III X4
Memory: RAM 256 MB NOR 4 GB EMMC
Screen size For 19 ″ ~ 29 οθό screens with VESA bracket compatibility
Clients 1: Many
Ergonomics Height adjustment: 120mm +/- 5
Rotate: 90 degrees (-1 ~ + 91 degrees)
Rotate: -65 / 65
Tilt: -5 degrees + 2 / -0 (forward), + 20 degrees + 0 / -3 (rearward)
Connectivity Signal input: (2) DVI outputs
USB: (4) USB 2.0
Microphone Input
Headphone jack: Exit
System PCoIP HDX

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