Cloud project a storm in your living room

Cloud project: Storms can cause problems but they do not cease to be one of the very beautiful phenomena of nature. It depends, of course, on what you are tracking the phenomenon. The Cloud project of Richard Clarkson brings the spectacle of a storm to your living room without having to suffer all the devastating consequences of the phenomenon. 

Cloud project Cloud project

A "fluffy" cloud 60 cm in length, with motion sensors, lights that change color, and a speaker system with Bluetooth connection will "travel" to the center of a storm.

It's a smarthome gadget that comes as an art, and it will probably cost you a lot. A "smart" version of a lamp, which includes everything that we described above, will cost you 3.360 US Dollars. In addition, his creators suggest hiring a professional electrician for his installation.

If you do not like the streaming music feature, motion detectors, or chromium-lightening lights, and buy the Cloud version containing only the lamp, the price drops to 960 dollars.

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