Cloudflare DNS apps for Android and iOS devices

Cloudflare DNS for Android and iOS: Cloudflare today released two official mobile apps offering the DNS Privacy Service ( to anyone interested.

Mobile apps running on Android and iOS are now available in their respective stores.

Cloudflare DNSThe company launched its service for the first time April 1 of 2018. The service is a basic DNS server, with Cloudflare guaranteeing user privacy and responsiveness.

The service has experienced some DDoS attacks since its release and most of the traffic has been considered comes from "garbage", but the supporters of privacy consider it to be quite safe.

So many activists and journalists use the service to bypass the blocks of repressive governments, but it is also used by regular internet users to improve their daily connections.

In addition, the use of Cloudflare DNS prevents internet service providers from monitoring the user by looking at the logs of their own DNS. Of course, using as a DNS service will not be enough. Those who are interested in additional security using encrypted VPNs and using HTTPS is essential.

Using requires certain settings on desktop devices that we have described in previous publication.

But mobile users, though they could use the service right after it was released in April, do not seem to adopt it.

The reason; There is no easy way to change DNS on mobile devices, like on computers. With apps released today for Android and iOS, Cloudflare is a game that turns DNS into your phone.

Cloudflare DNS: Download the official applications

Google Play Store and Apple App Store


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