Cloudflare and Internet Archive together for Always Online pages

Cloudflare and the Internet Archive are working together to archive even more public web, saying it will make the web more reliable.

As part of this joint effort, websites using Cloudflare's Always Online service will be able to allow the Internet hosting company to share the hostname and URLs with the Internet Archive Wayback Machine so that their website can is archived automatically.

When a site is down, Cloudflare will then be able to retrieve the most recently archived version of the Internet Archive so that the content of a site is accessible to users.

"The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has an impressive infrastructure that can archive the web on a scale," said Matthew Prince, CEO and co-founder of Cloudflare.

"Working together, we can take another step to make the Internet more resilient by stopping server problems for our customers, and this in turn will help when a business stops operating online."

According to the Internet Archive, more than 468 billion websites are available to date through the Wayback Machine.

We archive URLs that are identified through a variety of different methods, such as crawling millions of sites submitted by users through the Saveback Page Now feature of the Wayback Machine. The service collects addresses from Wikipedia articles, Tweets, and relies on a number of other "signals" and sources, such as news feeds. An additional source of URLs that we will have will come from Cloudflare's Cloud Online customers, ”says Wayback Machine CEO Mark Graham in a Publication on the blog.

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