Cloudflare Spectrum: for complete protection on the internet

Spectrum: Cloudflare has been protecting websites for eight years. The company appears to be expanding the anti-DDoS security it provides to websites with more services, such as game security services, services for email servers, as well as for IoT devices (from the Internet of Things).

The new project is called Spectrum and it works in the same way that other Cloudflare products work. It works as a mediator of online traffic through data centers that distribute traffic worldwide.Cloudflare Spectrum

Cloudflare Spectrum software automatically routes users to the nearest geographic data center to deliver better speeds. In this way, it automatically rejects any malicious move or what it believes is malicious. This protects against DDoS attacks, ensuring that websites do not fall as easily.

With Cloudflare Spectrum, this protection extends beyond web pages. The new service will work with just about everything you connect to the Internet.

In addition to protecting against DDoS attacks and providing faster connections, Cloudflare says that Spectrum will extend the security of some older operating systems and software that do not support layer-by-layer encryption. s. Spectrum will be able to protect such systems without introducing compatibility issues.

In a statement, Cloudflare CEO Matthew said:

"Cloudflare has always focused on improving the Internet experience for users around the world, but so far we have only protected and accelerated Web protocols. Spectrum is a huge step towards building a better Internet, as we have the power of Cloudflare in protocols beyond those of the Web. ”

Spectrum will initially be available only to the company's largest customers. For everyone else be patient, or make sure you "grow up." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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