Cloudflare Warp now for desktops (Windows - Mac)

Cloudflare released DNS to the public on April 1, 2018. In addition to providing a very easy IP to remember, the company promised that the service would be one of the fastest, supporting DNS over HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS, but also that it would respect users' privacy.

Since then, Cloudflare has made many of its experimental services available, for the application of DNS-over-HTTPS in browsers (Chrome, Firefox) but also for operating systems (Windows). Cloudflare added filters to its service in April 2020, which block access to unwanted sites from a DNS level.

The company released an accompanying application for the DNS service for Android and iOS in 2018 and extended the functionality with the service WARP VPN in 2019.

The application allows the use of the company's DNS service on mobile devices and users can also connect in a VPN service to further improve protection. Users can have 100 Megabytes for free, but they will have to pay $ 4 per month for unlimited data.

Cloudflare Warp and were available until now only for mobile operating systems. Cloudflare is now available the first beta clients of applications for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintos devices.

The download page states that the application runs on 64-bit Windows (1909 version or later) and Mac OS version 10.15 or later. Installing the client is simple. Accept the terms and you will be able to start using the Cloudflare Warp application.

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