CMSeeK Exploitation Tool open source

The CMSeek is an open source tool that analyzes the CMS of websites in order to detect defects in the management system used, such as JoomlaThe WordPressThe Magento etc.…


Open a terminal and give the following commands:

git clone

cd CMSeek/

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


The CMSeek can be used as a CLI or with some arguments

We are running the script

We choose the first option

We give the goal

We get the results

We can read the output of the report


- The program is fast
- Can run with CLI and Arguments
- Supports more than 170 CMS's


- Closes automatically
- Cannot collect some information about some CMS's


The CMSeek is an excellent tool for quickly listing information about our target. The downside is that it could be a little more reliable in gathering all the necessary information and it can also be frustrating when it closes automatically.

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