Color your black and white photos for free offers free and online AI technology that can add color to your black and white photos.

The is a project of the Singapore Government Technology Agency (Government Technology Agency of Singapore) to create one AI tool, specially trained Painting historical photos of Singapore.

But everyone is free to use it. She works like Algorithmia website that we had presented earlier. You're just uploading a photo, resolving CAPTCHA and the photo is automatically colored. You can download the color image for free and without any logo on it. According to the website, none of the images that are uploaded are stored on the servers.

Colourise colors better high-resolution images that contain human themes and natural landscapes, though you can upload any photo you want and get a color effect, which is usually good. We tried pictures of people, buildings, landscapes, flowers and most of them worked well.

For almost every new photo you want to upload to Colorise, it first asks you to solve a CAPTCHA. If you have enough pictures to paint, be patient as you have to do the whole process for each photo. Photos are uploaded from your device, images cannot be added using a web address, and there is no drag and drop from your device to the Color window.

Website Note: The purpose of coloring is to create an image with matching colors. It does not in any way guarantee that the color image is an accurate representation of the actual shot. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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