commix: Automatic command injection and exploitation program

Commix (abbreviation for [comm] and [ i ] njection e [x] ploiter) is an automated tool written by Anastasios Stasinopoulos ( @ancst ), which can be used by web developers, penetration testers or even security researchers to test web applications for errors or vulnerabilities related to attacks command injection.  

Using this tool, it is very easy to find and exploit a command injection vulnerability in a specific vulnerable parameter or HTTP header.


Version required Python 2.6 , 2.7 ή 3.x to run this program.


We download commix from the Git repository:

git clone commix

Commix already exists in official repositories of the following Linux distributions so that you can use it package manager for to install it!

Commix is ​​coming too as an additive , in the following penetration testing frameworks:

Supported platforms

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows (experimental)


To display all available program options, type the following command:

python -h

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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