Concern about an attack on iCloud targeting Chinese users

Security warning to users of its online store service, iCloud, Apple said, amid reports of attacks aimed at intercepting codes and data from users in China.


As reported in a publication on the company's support website, "we are aware of intermittent organized network attacks through the use of unsafe certificates to obtain information for users, and we take it very seriously.

These attacks have not infringed iCloud servers, and do not affect iCloud sign in on iOS or Macs with OS X Yosemite using Safari '. At the same time, the page lists "instructions to sailors" on the issue.

There is no mention of China in this post or details of the attacks, but in recent days there have been reports of warnings to some Chinese users indicating routing to unauthorized websites when trying to enter their iCloud accounts.

According to a Guardian article, this type of attack is described as "man in the middle" and allows third parties to copy and paste codes that users enter while thinking they are entering their normal landing pages.

Chinese experts at the site, security experts and various media have handed over responsibility to the country's government, and it is noted that the incident is coinciding with the launch of the sale of new iPhone in China, which have software with improved encryption features, for the protection of user data.

At the same time, some link this "campaign" with the release of videos and photos of the demonstrations in Hong Kong in the hinterland.

The Chinese government on its part denies the accusations. As reported in a BBC report, a spokesman for the country's foreign ministry told reporters that the country is "resolutely opposed" to hacking. Also, China Telecom, the state-owned Internet provider, described the charges as untrue and unfounded.



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