ConPlayer : Play videos in ASCII format

ConPlayer is a free command line tool that lets you play a video in ASCII character format on the command line.


The program accepts a .mp4 video file from you and then plays it in the Command Prompt or Terminal. conPlayer analyzes the frames in the video and tries to map them to ASCII characters and play the animation at the same time.

The result is satisfactory if you give it videos that show some large objects or people. Don't try recording video from your screen, it won't work.

Although there is no specific reason to play video from the command line, you can try it for fun, or because you just can. If you want to see something unique, then ConPlayer is such a tool. It is open source and you can use it to impress your friends.

It uses FFmpeg to play the video and you can choose to play it in grayscale or color mode. A single Command Line command is enough to play the video.

Currently, the ready compiled file can only be used in Windows. Make it happen download the compiled binary from here and then extract the zip file to your disk. In its folder you will find the file “conpl.exe”. For Linux you will have to compile the code yourself. There are instructions for this work.

Now, you just need to run a command like this.
conpl.exe Αρχειο_βίντεο -vf "curves=m=0/0 .8/.8 1/0" -svf "noise=alls=8:allf=t,rgbashift=rh=-2:bh=2"

Of course where the word “Video_File” is you should put the name of the video you want to play.

After executing the command, you should wait a few seconds. The video will start playing in ASCII text format. See the result from the video below:



For more technical details, and the switches you can use to modify the command, you can always refer to GitHub repository.

There you can see the various commands you need to run to make it work. Or if you are a developer or developer then you can take part in its development. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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