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Google ads are almost everywhere: when you search, when you read your emails, when you watch , when te your mobile devices and

The Google Ads or Control your Google ads website lets you control the ads that Google displays on websites, apps, and elsewhere.Control your Google ads

Google, as it is known, uses the interests gathered by the company and has logged in to the user accounts to deliver the ads. These interests may come from your Google profile or your past activities, such as watching videos on YouTube or searches you made on Google Search.

So if you're looking for cars on Google, you'll see car ads the next time you visit a website or watch a video on YouTube.

Of course according to the company you can stop it of your interests. This will not block ads from appearing, but they will no longer be linked to your account or past activities.

Google Ads Check is a Google website that offers two basic alternatives.

First, you can add missing interests or information from your profile to make Google ads more relevant.

To do this, simply click the "Add New Interest" button and start typing. Google will show you suggestions that you can add.

Secondly, you can turn off ads and change your interests. Turning the switch from ON to OFF can turn off ads served by the company based on your interests, and Google will maintain the setting on all devices you use, provided you are logged in to your account.

The page offers another interesting one . Click on “Control Signed Out Ads” and it will allow you to control what is shown to you when you are not signed in to your Google account. (This is for those who were under the illusion that Google doesn't recognize them unless they're logged into their account).

The feature only works for the browser you are using and not on devices or even different ones on the same device.

If you want to change your interests when you are not logged in to your Google Account, you'll need to repeat the process for all the devices and browsers you use.

This is done by adding a cookie exception, and you will have to set the cookie to clear every time you close your program.

According to the company:

You can control the ads that are shown to you on your Gmail account on all devices by editing these settings. These ads may be more relevant and helpful to you.

Ads based on your interests

Improve your experience with ads when signed in to Google sites

The ads you see will be based on your previous searches, the videos you watched on YouTube, and other information related to your account, such as your age group or gender
On some Google sites like YouTube, you'll see ads related to your interests, which you can edit at any time by visiting this page
You can block certain ads you do not want to see

You will still see ads and these may be based on your broadest location (like the city or the city)
Ads will not be based on data Google has associated with your Google Account, and may be less relevant
You will no longer be able to edit your interests
All interest-based ads associated with your Google Account will be deleted

Check ads on 2 million + sites

You can opt out and control more ads like:

  • Ads that appear anonymously in this browser by Google
  • ads that appear to you on non-Google websites
  • Ads that use information from your visits to advertiser sites
  • ads that appear to you on Google Sites when you are not signed in

You can see the new Google service from the link below

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