Disable cookie acceptance messages

Do you receive cookie acceptance messages? Last year, GDPR forced websites to use alerts informing that they were using your data.

Cookie acceptance messages naturally disturb, and too many are not even reading them.


If you are tired of seeing cookies accept messages, you can install an add-on or extension called "I do not care about cookies".

It is an extension for him Firefox but also for him Google Chrome. Once you install the add-on, you will not see any messages that ask you to accept coo kies.

You should know that this add-on only hides the messages and does not accept the cookies. This means that if you visit a page that needs to store cookies on your computer, to display correctly, the page does not work unless you accept the cookies.

The add-on has a whitelist option, so you can add those pages that need the cookies to work without problems.

To add a page to the whitelist, click the add-on icon next to the address bar and from the menu, select "Disable site extension". You may need to reload the page, so if you are in the middle of filling out a form, save what you have done.


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